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Bedford woman opens skincare studio

  • By KIMBERLY HOUGHTON Union Leader Correspondent

  • Nov 6, 2018 Updated 9 hrs ago


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Traci Collins, a licensed esthetician and healing arts practitioner, works on Deanna Andree of Bedford this week at Collins’ new skincare studio at 40 S. River Road, Suite 50, in Bedford.


BEDFORD — A local woman who recently opened her own skincare studio says she is one of the few licensed estheticians in the state who is offering tapping, or psychological acupressure.

Traci Collins, 43, decided to expand beyond her work in a collective wellness studio and now has the keys to her own skincare studio at 40 South River Road, Suite 50, in Bedford.

“Owning a business is new to me, so this has been an interesting ride,” said Collins, who is leasing office space inside the Bedford Place development. “The bulk of my business is word of mouth and referrals, and social media has been fantastic.”

Collins has owned her own business for more than three years, but just recently purchased the 1,200-square-foot studio space, a deal she was able to finance with her own funds.

“I offer EFT, or Emotional Freedom Technique tapping, which is energy work ...” Collins said.

EFT is based on Chinese medicine and involves physical tapping to apply pressure to meridian points, according to Collins. The treatment is an alternative medicine that helps to heal not only physical pain, but emotional pain as well, she said.

“It addresses whatever is keeping you stressed or holding you back from being your best you,” said Collins, explaining the tapping can often help clients discover the root cause of certain skin issues, emotional issues and more.

In contrast to acupuncture, EFT uses fingertip tapping to apply pressure rather than using needles on select energy points. EFT is finally gaining ground in the region, though it has been popular in California for quite some time, she said. There are only a small number of practitioners offering the service in New Hampshire.

“I have been certified for three years. I now can offer it in my skincare practice as an adjunct to my other services and products to help with emotional needs,” Collins said. “With my skincare practice and EFT coaching, my goal is to help people help themselves.”

The Traci Collins Skincare Studio in Bedford also offers services such as facials, “backcials,” salt glow body treatments, chemical peels, eye treatments, brow and lash tints and a variety of waxing and hair removal services.

“Most of the time the service isn’t really about the facial — it is about feeling better,” she said.

Collins is hosting an open house at her studio from 5 to 8 p.m. on Thursday.

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