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Traci Collins, LE

A transplant from sunny Southern California, I've long been fascinated with the wellness industry and helping people feel comfortable in their own skin.  After an extensive career in corporate sales and marketing, I decided to embark on a career change and enrolled at The Esthetics Institute of New England in Tewksbury, MA.  I graduated in 2012 and have been working steadily and successfully ever since as a licensed esthetician and skincare business owner specializing in advanced  treatments and waxing hair removal. 

I am extremely interested in and passionate about skin care and I'm a big proponent of continuing education, since new technologies and techniques constantly improve and change the esthetics industry.  I also subscribe to many different professional publications to stay current on products, procedures and treatments in order to give my clientele the very best service and information. 


There is power and fulfillment in doing what you love and to be able to help people look and feel their very best is my goal.  Passion, dedication and integrity are what I believe in and what you can expect to receive from me as my client. It will be my pleasure to take great care of you!


EFT Tapping


I'm also an EFT Tapping Coach!  Emotional Freedom Technique, or "Tapping" is energy work utilizing the body's meridian points to help with stress relief, trauma, chronic pain, cravings, and more.  It can also help you get in touch with core issues that are blocking your creativity, abundance, and self growth.  I'd love to help you explore and work with this amazing healing arts modality to help you unlock the best possible you.

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