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Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) also known as “Tapping” is energy work similar to meditation, acupressure and hypnosis.  This process engages the  body’s meridian points and amygdala, the almond shaped area in the brain responsible for fear and fear conditioning, or the "fight or flight" reaction. 


EFT  can help with negative memories and beliefs, stress relief, trauma, anxiety, chronic pain, cravings and more.  It can also help you to get in touch with core issues that are blocking your creativity, abundance, wealth and self growth.  


EFT works by tapping on designated release points also called "acupoints" which balance our emotional  reactions, negative beliefs and physical stress symptoms. This is an incredibly easy and effective modality that requires no intricate or specialized external criteria...just a willingness to explore, connect with self and create a new, more positive perspective.


Please note that  EFT does not replace medical treatment and/or mental health therapy.  It is strongly advised to seek professional advice from a doctor and/or licensed mental health professional before beginning any modality including EFT Tapping.

If you’re ready to transform your life and change the way you see yourself and your world,  book your appointment with EFT Coach Traci Collins, today!

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